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Lauroyl chloride

Category : Intermediates
CAS NO : 112-16-3          EC NO : 203-941-7
MF : C12H23ClO
Main Specifications :
Synonyms : Dodecanoyl chloride;n-Dodecanoyl Chloride;
Lauroyl chloride
Molecular Structure:Lauroyl chloride 112-16-3
Product description:

CAS: 112-16-3
Molecular formula: C12H23ClO
Molecular weight: 218.76
Product name: Lauroyl chloride
English name: Dodecanoyl chloride;Lauroyl chloride;dodecanoic acid, chloride;lauric acid chloride;n-dodecanoyl chloride
Properties: Colorless or light yellow transparent oily liquid with strong irritating odor. Melting point is -17℃, boiling point is 145℃ (2.4KPa) and 135℃ (1.46KPa), density is 0.923, refractive index is 1.444~1.446. Soluble in ether.
Uses: The product is used in synthesizing dilauroyl peroxide. It can also be used as intermediate for medicines, pesticides and surfactants and as raw material for organic synthesis.

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