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Ethyl chloroformate

Category : Organic chemicals and Derivatives/Aliphatic compounds
CAS NO : 541-41-3          EC NO : 208-778-5
MF : C3H5ClO2
Main Specifications :
Synonyms : 4-03-00-00023 (Beilstein Handbook Reference);AI3-19852;BRN 0385653;Carbonochloridic acid, ethyl ester;Cathyl chloride;Chlorameisensaeureaethylester;Chlorameisensaeureaethylester [German];Chlorocarbonate d'ethyle;Chlorocarbonate d'ethyle [French];Chlorocarbonic acid ethyl ester;Chloroformic acid ethyl ester;Clhorameisensaeureaethylester;Clhorameisensaeureaethylester [German];Cloroformiato de etilo;Cloroformiato de etilo [Spanish];ECF;Ethoxycarbonyl chloride;Ethyl carbonochloridate;Ethyl chlorocarbonate;Ethyl chloromethanoate;Ethylchloorformiaat;Ethylchloorformiaat [Dutch];Ethyle, chloroformiat d';Ethyle, chloroformiat d' [French];Ethylester kyseliny chlormravenci;Ethylester kyseliny chlormravenci [Czech];Etil clorocarbonato;Etil clorocarbonato [Italian];Etil cloroformiato;Etil cloroformiato [Italian];Formic acid, chloro-, ethyl ester;HSDB 409;TL 423;Ethyl chloroformate [UN1182] [Poison];UN1182
Ethyl chloroformate
Molecular Structure:Ethyl chloroformate 541-41-3
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